A Team Effort

Our clients frequently tell us that our staff is among the most intelligent, responsive, and pleasant they have ever encountered in a professional office. We agree.

Fairbank ADR recruits students and recent graduates from the country's top universities rather than career legal secretaries and paralegals. We specifically target candidates who are pursuing an interest in law school or other post-graduate study, and offer one to two-year positions in which participants learn paralegal, legal research, and other legal support skills. Our goal is to serve as a "stepping stone" to future success for these individuals, while securing the highest level of legal and administrative support for Fairbank ADR.

Past Legal Assistants and Paralegals have come to us from Harvard, Yale, Wellesley, the University of Chicago, Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, Penn State, Johns Hopkins, Boston College, Pepperdine University, University of Michigan, and the University of Georgia.  Our current Legal Assistant is Jake Carlisi, a 2017 graduate from DePaul University with a B.A. in English.

Former staff have gone on to attend law school at Harvard, Berkeley, Cornell, UCLA, USC, Boston College, Notre Dame, Fordham, Hastings, Loyola, Pepperdine, and the University of San Diego, as well as business school at UCLA and the University of North Carolina.

Past Team Members

Working with Bob Fairbank and Kim West prior to law school was a truly unique experience that helped prepare me for both the rigors of law school and law practice. I have been hard pressed to find individuals who are more invested in my professional development and career. There is no doubt that much of my professional success can be attributed to the skills and insight I gained during my time working with Bob and Kim.
— Waqas Akmal, Legal Assistant (2010-2014); UC Berkeley School of Law, Class of 2017
I really appreciated my time at Fairbank & Vincent. The warm, professional atmosphere was a valuable introduction to the legal profession. The attorneys were available to both answer my questions and offer advice about my career path.
— Stephanie Phillips, Legal Aide (2010-11); Harvard Law School, Class of 2014
There is no greater opportunity out there for new college graduates interested in either law or business than working for Fairbank & Vincent. Not only do Legal Assistants learn about the practice of law, but also what it takes to successfully manage a small business.
— Matt Smith, Legal Assistant (2005-07); UCLA Anderson School of Business, Class of 2010
The opportunity to work at Fairbank & Vincent was truly unique. The successful, highly-skilled attorneys at the firm genuinely cared for my professional development, going out of their way to provide me with a challenging and educational employment experience. Working closely with these individuals, I gained a new appreciation for the law that inspired me to seek out a career in the field.
— Daniel Wright, Legal Aide (2005-06); Boston College Law School, Class of 2009

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