• “This was an extraordinarily difficult case to resolve, given the immense complexity of the issues and the dizzying range of interests and personalities. Your perseverance, patience, and optimism were the key.  I cannot think of a single other mediator who would have stuck with this as you did. Hats off to both of you for this remarkable achievement.” (Defense counsel, 1/10/18)

  • “Dear Bob and Kim, Thank you for your exceptional work throughout this process.  Your diligence – and, yes, your persistence – is unmatched in the industry.” (Defense counsel, 2/28/19)

  • “Both [of] you … did a great job.  … There’s absolutely no doubt that it could and would not have happened without your work.  Looking forward to working with you again.” (Plaintiff’s counsel, 2/27/19)

  • “Bob/Kim, On behalf of the team, I want to express our appreciation and gratitude to the two of you for doing an excellent job on our difficult case.  We believe that a settlement would not have been possible without your help and we achieved an outcome that is fair to both sides. Thank you!” (Client party (Plaintiff), 2/27/19)

  • “Thanks again for exercising outstanding professionalism, commitment, and patience necessary to drive us to a settlement … I am happy to serve as a reference attesting to your extraordinary skills as a mediator should that ever be of value to you.” (Client party (Plaintiff), 2/5/19)

  • “Bob and Kim - you guys did a fantastic job. It was our client’s first time in mediation and he was highly impressed. Thank you.” (Plaintiff’s counsel, 4/6/19)

  •  “Thank you again for your relentless persistence and incredibly hard work in helping the parties to reach a settlement of a very complex case.” (Plaintiff’s counsel, 2/24/16)

  • “I am confident that we would not have succeeded in getting to this point without your dogged persistence and effective shuttle diplomacy.” (Client in-house counsel (defense), 1/10/18)

  • “Bob, Thanks for your Herculean perseverance.” (Defense counsel, 2/12/16)

  • “Bob: Thank you for your hard work, persistence, and persuasion directed at both sides. … It was indeed a pleasure to work with you, Bob, and we look forward to having that privilege again.” (Claimants’ counsel, 6/28/15)

  • “Bob and Kim, Excellent job as always. Greatly appreciate all of your efforts.” (Defense counsel, 9/19/18)

  • “Thank you Bob and Kim for your persistence and excellent work.” (Defense counsel, 9/19/18)

  • “Bob and Kim, Thanks for your always insightful pre-mediation questions. Not only is this a useful exercise to complete on the eve of mediation, it also demonstrates the depth of your preparation – which is appreciated by us and our clients.” (Defense counsel, 11/26/18)

  • “Thanks, Bob. You and Kim were excellent!” (Plaintiff’s counsel, 4/5/19)

  • Copied on email to opposing counsel: “Thank you for recommending Bob as the mediator. He had the right temperament and commitment to resolve the case.” (Plaintiff’s counsel, 1/23/15)

  • "Bob and Kim - Thanks so much for all of your help. ... Really appreciate everything you did to go above and beyond.” (In-House Counsel for Plaintiff, 9/13/19)

  • "You both did an amazing job in a very difficult case. … Thank you again.” (In-House Counsel for Defendant, 9/16/19)

  • "I thought you both did a fantastic job and helped immensely in getting to a good outcome for both [parties].” (In-House Counsel for Plaintiff, 9/16/19)

 List of references available upon request